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During my time at Swansea University, Shahid worked with a variety of industrial partners from a wide range of sectors and performed numerous metallurgical, polymer and composites related analyses. Shahid’s professionalism and positive attitude are reflected in the high quality of his work.

Dr. Ben Wilson
Research Fellow
Aalto University Finland
During his employment within our group, Shahid shown to be a dedicated researcher, and provided new and interesting findings about mechanical performance of natural fibre composites.

Senior Researcher, PhD, Bo Madsen
Section of Composites and Materials Mechanics, Department of Wind Energy, DTU, Denmark

Dr Mehmood has wide experience of investigation into polymer and composite materials, and has provided academic support for a variety of SMEs requiring help with their R&D and trouble-shooting. 

Composites Research Officer, PhD, Sue Alston
College of Engineering Swansea University

During his employment at Swansea University, Shahid has performed numerous material characterisations for specific applications such as metals, alloy powders and composites.

Dr. Fawzi Bleblidia
Senior Project Manager, College of Engineering, Swansea University

​​Shahid is a very competent Engineer and helped us a great deal with our composites project.” 

Dr. Edward Archer
Ulster University