Materials Engineering
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The place where we engineer your materials through characterisation and where our focus is to work with you for your continued success


We have access to state of the art equipment, to carry out varied material analyses including hot and cold mounts, an automatic polishing machine, optical microscopes, a dynamic mechanical analyser, and a scanning electron microscope, coupled with EDX.

​Hot and Cold Mounting 
We have a hot mounting press for the mounting of metallic materials and their powders. However, we are also aware of the requirement for polymers and composites to be mounted in cold mounts, due to their low melting point. This allows the retention of any prior thermal history to which the material has been exposed. We will decide which mounting approach is most appropriate for our client, depending on the material and analysis requirements.

Automatic Polishing Equipment
We have an automatic polishing machine to prepare samples for analyses under SEM and/or an optical microscope. Our automatic polisher can prepare six samples at a time, enabling us to provide a relatively quick turn around.
Optical Microscope
We have an up-to-date optical microscope, which is coupled with image analyses software to facilitate the macro and micro analyses and quantification of phases. 

We have access to state of the art imaging facility, including SEM-EDX for the imaging of fractured surfaces and the analysis of weight percentages of various elements in any material of interest.

Dynamic Mechanical Analyser
We have access to a DMA test facility to allow for the analysis of polymer samples, to establish the glass transition temperature and hysteresis in rubber materials.