Materials Engineering
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The place where we engineer your materials through characterisation and where our focus is to work with you for your continued success


We are based in Swansea, in the UK. A consultancy company fully committed to help you grow your business by providing advice on material selection and manufacturing processes, through consideration of the material structure-property relationship. We are able to offer advice regarding a wide range of materials, including: polymers and their composites; metals, alloys, and their powders.  
We believe that characterising materials for their internal and external features is the gateway to achieving optimum material properties and processing conditions for optimised product performance. We are not a standard material testing company, it is our focus to work with you to help you understand your challenges and then overcome them allowing your business to grow.

We provide a wide range of material analyses which can be tailored to suit your requirements. Typical examples are as below:

​Metals and Alloys
  • Sample preparation for metallographic analyses: sectioning; hot and cold mounting; pre-grinding followed by polishing and chemical etching etc., to reveal internal microstructure.  
  • Use of optical microscopy and image analysis techniques to calculate: 
      PSD of metals and alloy powders for additive layer manufacturing (ALM)
      Porosity in ALM structures
      Porosity in cast and welded structures 
      Inclusions in steel
      Volume fraction of different phases
      Grain size in metals and alloys
      Coating thickness and morphology
  • Metallurgical analyses of laser markings on surgical instruments and laser stripped copper conductor wires for aerospace applications
  • Metallurgical analyses of dental alloys and lead free solders

Polymers and Composites
  • Thermal analysis (DMA) of polymers and polymer based composites, e.g. measuring glass transition temperature in polymers, cure optimisation for composites and hysteresis in rubber. Characterisation of natural (e.g. Flax and Hemp) and synthetic fibres (e.g. Glass, Carbon and Aramid) for processed induced defects using SEM/optical microscopy and image analysis techniques.
  • Analysing fracture surfaces in composites and ALM structures to understand failure phenomenon.
  • Assessment of fibre and porosity volume fractions using image analyses techniques in composite structures, as a quality control and bench marking practice.
  • Filament winding of composite materials to manufacture pressure vessels for defence applications and gas storage: We advise on selection of fibre and resins, fibre lay-up and cure optimisation.
Additive Layer Manufacture
  • Analysing metallic powders for additive layer manufacture applications: powder morphology; powder size; powder chemical composition; internal cross-section of powders, using our specially developed technique.
  • SEM analyses of ALM manufactured parts for surface roughness; a typical property to look for controlling dimensional tolerances and better fatigue strength.
  • Analysing post-process metallic powder from additive layer manufacture for promoting its re-use.
Bio-Based Materials
  • ​SEM analyses of human tooth to understand the effect of laser treatments